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Good Morning Vietnam

Ciao Guys, here we are again, another stage of my photography travel. In this case a real journey, my first time in Vietnam, Hanoi.


This trip is coming just few hour after I have been called by one of the biggest appliances retailer in HK informing me that my new camera was arrived. I bought a brand new Fuji x100s and the pictures here posted have been taken with this camera. Too early to make any comment, the excitement is still very high to make any judgment and my knowledge on this gear still too poor. I will get back on this soon.

Let me tell you what happened since my first post:

Lightroom 5

Catalog: one of the thing I felt more necessary starting (I would say revamping a previous passion) this amazing photography hobby has been about clean up a little bit my pictures repository. I am a quite an odd guy, I hate any kind of mess but sometimes I am a bit lazy….. contradictions may be nice, in photography as well. However I needed a software a bit more advanced than my iPhoto for this purpose.

Editing: I have always had the impression that editing was all about digitally enhance the quality of pictures through software like this one or photoshop or something similar. Following one of the Lightroom tutorials I found out that editing is instead all about sitting down with your pc in front of you, watching your pictures, deleting the obvious awful ones, rating the remaining, selecting the one that worth a post (forgive me if they don’t worth your time….) understanding mistakes I have made during my shooting and finally trying to learn a good lesson to move on. It may seem a simple and obvious job but I can tell you this is one of the biggest leap I have made from my previous “shoot-download-forget anything is in that folder” attitude.

Develop: at my level the worst that can happen to me is to work with a developing tools that is hard to understand (which bring me to an easy give up mode). The best could happen to me is to bump on a list o preset developing modes giving me the possibility to apply great default settings making my pictures nicer (at least this is the impression I got) with the future hope to leave the presetting feature and be more creative (at least the software can do it). Believe or not that happened with Lightroom 5.

Thousands of tutorials on line are available to learn the basic and gradually abandon the presetting modes towards some manual settings.  Some examples are already the one provided by Adobe itself that I found very useful especially for a beginner as I am.

Check it out these tutorials on adobe web site http://tv.adobe.com/show/getting-started-with-adobe-photoshop-lightroom-5/, they will get you quickly into this software and I think you will be able to benefit it very quickly.

I think Lightroom, especially for beginners like me, is doing a good job and despite I am still with my 30 days trial version (LR5) I am seriously thinking to buy one license for (not very) modest amount of 1,150 HK$.

Reading, reading and reading

I am reading a lot of material in internet, nowadays you can find almost anything. Casually I started to read about street photography, I like the concept to report about daily life. I have read (I don’t remember the guy that was saying it) that even a flat photograph describing city life today can become very interesting in 10/15/20 years from now, it will be still there documenting how life was in 2013! That’s a quite powerful leverage to send you out and shooting. I am definitely far away from the pieces of art street photographers (at least the really professional ones) can make but I am very attracted and reading about a lot on them. One over any other blog or internet resource I have accessed so far is the Erik Kim’s blog (http://erickimphotography.com/blog/), the material this guy is posting is just GREAT. Check on the “Start Here” section, I really recommend to read the Surrealist Manifesto posts, really good stuff.

Practice, practice and practice

No matter which photography blog, magazine or book you are reading there is only one pearl of wisdom commonly mentioned: practice, take pictures, review them and practice again, over and over again. What a better way to do it than during a trip in Vietnam, Hanoi. I leave some space of what I think are the best (the one I like more) pictures I have taken, hope you will enjoy (still pre-neanderthal art), give me some time, beside the practice recommendation everybody says it takes some time……. I will take all the time it needs, meanwhile I just enjoy!

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