Immaculate Myanmar

This is not a blog about trips but about photography……. however so far trips have been my widest resource for this blog. Am I dry at home…… possible.

Back to photography, some people suggest to shot and run back home to edit and develop your fresh creatures……. some other suggests exactly the opposite, keep them boiling and once they are “cooked” eat them up!

Behind the colors

Behind the colors

Basically the argument is about feelings you enjoyed during the shot, they can make you think your picture is good because good were the feelings while in reality the pictures itself has nothing to say.



I did this exercise, I have taken back old pictures shot around 4 years ago in Myanmar, amazing trip I would suggest everybody still want to see a beautiful Country with beautiful (almost) immaculate in its soul. History, culture, buddhism, smiles, brightness, dignity…… many memories I am bringing with me from that amazing holiday (thanks God I had my camera that captured a seed of that…).

Stairs to

Stairs to

In brief this is the result. Would be the same if my editing was done right after coming back? Who knows, hope you enjoy the pictures, I am now enjoying the fact the I am not only a collector of shots but I manage the chose my pictures.

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